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Fall Running Tips

Fall Running Tips

It’s once again time to pack up the tank tops and flip flops and unpack the boots and flannel. Fall may be a perfect time to get cozy with a pumpkin spice latte and a great Halloween movie but it’s also an optimal time to take full advantage of your workouts. Check out our tips for easing into your fall workout routine.

Longer workouts

Take advantage of the cool but not extremely cold weather. It’s much easier to extend your runs and focus on improving your PR when you’re not overheating under the scorching summer sun. Although the weather is cooler, it is still extremely important to stay hydrated! Your sweat level doesn’t change due to colder weather so be aware of your limits and listen to your body when it’s telling you to take a break.

Improve your stretching

With colder weather approaching, it means that your muscles tighten up much faster than in hotter weather and you could potentially be more prone to injury. Take some time before you jump into a full speed run for a slow jog or dynamic stretching to help loosen up your muscles – this will provide for a more effective and safer run.

Layer up

The change of the season can often lead to unpredictable weather. Wearing a light jacket or hoodie makes it easier for you to take off if you get too hot during your workout but if you’re chilly at the start of your workout, it’s a good indicator that you’re properly dressed.  It’s important to never overdress since your body will warm up quickly.

Wear the correct gear

Daylight Savings ends on Nov. 3 which means that you’ll want to get fluorescent and reflective hats, jackets and shoes to make it easier for others to see you when it turns dark. Reflective Lock Laces® are vital to runners who don’t want to change their routine when it turns dark. Our laces come in a teal blue and storm gray color, which are made with reflective material to help keep you visible during the hours before sunrise and after sunset.

Enjoy the scenery!

Fall is full of beautiful scenery everywhere you look. It’s a perfect time to explore new areas of town and find new trails to fall in love with. Plan a new route that leads you to a new destination and take a runner buddy with you to enjoy all of the views.

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