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Team USA Triathlete, Taylor Spivey, becomes a Lock Laces® Pro ambassador

Team USA Triathlete, Taylor Spivey, becomes a Lock Laces® Pro ambassador

Chapel Hill, NC – May 14, 2018- Taylor Spivey has officially partnered with Lock Laces® as its professional triathlete ambassador. Taylor, one of the world’s top-ranked female triathletes, is now representing a brand that has been a staple of the triathlon community for nearly two decades. Taylor has been wearing Lock Laces® for training and races for almost two years, so the partnership was a natural move.

“Triathletes are one of our top customer segments and are loyal followers of our brand. Therefore, we are very excited to have Taylor represent Lock Laces®. Taylor is a talented, young athlete with a competitive drive and a bright future. Her desire to grow as an athlete and her dedication to reaching the 2020 Olympics in Japan correlates with the values of our company. After speaking with Taylor, I instantly knew she had a complete understanding of the technical aspects, design features, and utility of Lock Laces®. These features make Lock Laces® the dominant player in the no tie shoelace category. I believe that she will be able to communicate the benefits of Lock Laces® to her fans, followers, and the triathlon community. Therefore, we are eager to work with Taylor to help her reach her goals and grow our brand,” said Frank Sutton, CEO of Positive Distribution LLC (owner of Lock Laces® brand).


Taylor graduated from California Polytechnic State University with a degree in architecture. She competed on the school’s swim team; specializing in distance freestyle. Then, she joined the USA Triathlon Collegiate Recruitment Program. By the age of 25, Taylor had already broken into the Top 50 World Triathlon Series Rankings. Currently, Taylor trains under Coach Paulo Sousa in Carlsbad, California.

Taylor Spivey quickly worked her way into the world’s elite triathlon scene. The 27-year-old from Redondo Beach, California is currently ranked 11th in the ITU World Rankings and 12th in World Triathlon Series Rankings. In 2017, Taylor earned second place finishes at the ITU World Triathlon Series race in Leeds, and the Madrid and Miyazaki ITU Triathlon World Cup races.


Since the invention of Lock Laces®, triathletes have been using the laces to cut time off their transitions during races because they don’t have to waste time tying their shoes. However, the elasticity of the laces also provides a triathlete with the optimal comfort they need to push through long distances. The laces expand with the foot which reduces metatarsal injury and foot pain. However, Lock Laces® keep shoes snug and secure so, an athlete never has to stop to adjust their shoes. Triathletes also are exposed to hot and humid climates along with wet conditions. Lock Laces® are water resistant so, they help shield the foot from excess moisture.

Lock Laces® is the original, patented and trademarked, elastic, no-tie shoe lacing system. Positive Distribution LLC manufacturers and sells Lock Lace® in 50 countries, in over 3000 specialty running stores, on, and on Amazon.

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