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Lock Laces® Introduces its first Lock Laces® Pro Series® edition featuring Robert Killian

Lock Laces® Introduces its first Lock Laces® Pro Series® edition featuring Robert Killian

Chapel Hill, NC – June 10, 2018-  Lock Laces® has worked closely with Robert Killian, an obstacle course racing world champion and Lock Laces® ambassador, to design a new signature product. This product has been specially engineered to meet the needs of obstacle course racers, including the harsh demands and challenging conditions of the sport. The new Pro Series™ laces are thinner, allowing for easier installation into popular trail running shoes. The lock has been upgraded and strengthened to ensure that the laces always remain secure during competitions.  The unique elasticity provides optimal comfort that endurance athletes need when their feet swell. The laces are water resistant and made to bear moisture and mud.

 “Robert bought his first pair of Lock Laces® at a local Ace Hardware store three years ago. Robert raced in Lock Laces® for the first time at the 2015 Spartan World Championships. He won the race, and from that moment on, Robert never raced or trained in a pair of shoes without Lock Laces®. There are few people who better understand the functionality, benefits, and advantages of Lock Laces® than Killian does. In summary, we are proud to partner with Robert to create a signature product designed for obstacle course racing, mountain running and trail running,” said Frank Sutton, CEO of Positive Distribution LLC (owner of the Lock Laces® brand).


Robert Killian is one of the world’s top obstacle course racing athletes. Last year he clenched the Spartan Race US and World Elite Point Series. He continues to be an integral part of the sport’s growth and development.  Killian has become a popular figure and role model within OCR; he also has a purposeful life beyond his career as a professional athlete.  He coaches several other elite OCR athletes, serves in the military and is a proud father of two young children. Before specializing in obstacle course racing, Robert won the 2009 Kona Ironman Military World Championship and was the 2010 Army Athlete of the Year.


Since the invention of Lock Laces®, triathletes and runners have worn the product to save time and to provide a consistent fit. The elasticity of the laces provides an athlete with the optimal comfort they need to push through long distances. In addition, Lock Laces® convert your shoes to slip-on’s while allowing adjustability for casual and competitive wear. Lock Laces® are a versatile product for athletes and individuals of all ages and skill levels. Today, tennis players, golfers, athleisure enthusiasts, kids, and seniors enjoy the comfort and convenience of Lock Laces®.

Lock Laces® are the original, patented and trademarked, elastic, no-tie shoe lacing system. Positive Distribution LLC manufacturers and sells Lock Laces® Pro Series in 50 countries, in over 3,000 specialty running stores, and on

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