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Lock Laces® Enhancing the Natural Footwear Experience

Lock Laces® Enhancing the Natural Footwear Experience

Steven Sashen, the owner of one of the most advanced and popular natural shoe brands, Xero Shoes, recently exchanged his laces for a pair of Lock Laces®. Steven quickly fell in love with the no-tie, elastic shoelaces and recently added Lock Laces® to his list of favorite shoe accessories on Xero’s website.

In his most recent e-newsletter, Steven admitted to being an “efficiency geek,” who always loosened his shoes so he could slip them on and off throughout his day without having to tie them. However, when he would head out for a run or a hike, he would have to re-adjust and re-tie his shoes to prepare for his next adventure. Now that he is using Lock Laces®, Steven is enjoying the benefits of a slip-on shoe and an immediate “slipper-like feel.”

Lock Laces® and Xero Shoes share a similar passion for bringing more comfort, utility and pragmatism to all people on the move. Not surprisingly, people are discovering that the two products compliment each other. Whether you are a veteran Lock Laces® user, a Xero Shoes fanatic or, have yet to try either of these brands, there are multiple reasons why you should consider lacing up a pair of Xero Shoes with Lock Laces®.

Lock Laces® and Xero Shoes create optimal foot mobility. Unlike standard shoelaces, Lock Laces® are made of elastic. Therefore, they allow your feet to flex more than regular laces. Xero Shoes have a spacious toe box, creating room for the toes to become more active. Additionally, Xero Shoes' patented “FeelTrue sole,” is one of the most flexible, responsive soles on the market. Together, Lock Laces® and Xero Shoes liberate the foot so one can move freely and naturally.

Both Lock Laces® and Xero Shoes were engineered for the long haul so; it’s not surprising that many long-distance trekkers are gravitating towards both brands. When used together, Lock Laces® and Xero Shoes provide the right tools to conquer any distance, journey or goal. Xero Shoes proudly promises a 5,000 mile “sole warranty,” on all their shoes. For years, endurance athletes have used Lock Laces® in competition and training because their unique elasticity responds to the natural swelling of the foot over long periods of exertion. Furthermore, Lock Laces® are water resistant and have an adjustable lock to help users instantly attain their desired amount of tension.

To learn more about Lock Laces® browse our other resources on our blog! To explore Xero Shoes and learn more about moving naturally visit their website.

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