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Lock Laces®: Shoelaces for Individuals with Autism

Lock Laces®: Shoelaces for Individuals with Autism
In the United States, 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Lock Laces® is committed to helping every person with autism reclaim their independence with our elastic no-tie shoelaces.

All children can have trouble learning to tie their shoelaces, but children with special needs can find tying shoes to be particularly challenging. Children with autism often have fine motor skill deficits or have problems with learning and remembering multi-step sequences. Children outgrow Velcro and slip-on shoes, and it can be challenging to find appropriate footwear when that happens. Lock Laces® give children the flexibility to wear any lace-up shoe without ever having to worry about untied shoelaces.

When Lock Laces® were first invented, we had no idea they would become the leading no-tie shoelaces for special needs. But soon, we started receiving an outpour of positive feedback from parents about how Lock Laces® had helped their children with autism avoid years of occupational therapy learning to tie their shoes. Because of Lock Laces®, children with autism can finally wear any sneaker with eyelets by simply replacing their laces with our elastic no-tie alternative.

Families affected by autism face extra daily challenges. Tying shoes can sometimes lead to frustration, triggering meltdowns for children with autism. No-tie shoelaces can take away one of those challenges, giving your family one less difficult task to worry about. Over the years, Lock Laces® has teamed up with organizations like Autism Speaks, Special Olympics International, Bridge II Sports and more to help get Lock Laces® in the shoes of everyone who needs them.

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How do I get these ? Is there a link I can order a pair ?

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