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Lock Laces®: The Best Shoelaces for Elderly People

Lock Laces®: The Best Shoelaces for Elderly People

Why are Lock Laces® the best shoelaces for the elderly? Lock Laces® are designed to provide senior citizens with multiple advantages so they can stay active and mobile. Find out how they can help you reclaim your life and make you forget why you wasted all that time and energy tying shoelaces in the first place.

  1. No Tie Shoelaces for Independence and Safety

    Because of their no-tie feature, Lock Laces® turn any shoe with laces into a slip-on and allow senior citizens to stay active without constantly bending to tie and retie traditional laces. Bending down to tie and retie shoelaces is never easy and depending on someone for assistance can make you feel you like you’ve lost all independence. Our senior citizen customers who have arthritis, fine motor skill delay, Parkinson’s disease or flexibility problems love the freedom and extended mobility Lock Laces® give them. Lock Laces® are also perfect assisted daily living aids if you are rehabilitating from any illness or surgery, such as knee or hip replacement. And — best of all — Lock Laces® never drag the ground when properly installed, so you can say goodbye to stressing about tripping over untied laces!

  2. Our Elastic Laces Give Extra Comfort and Support

    Because of their elasticity, Lock Laces® are more comfortable and offer the feet better support throughout the day when compared to traditional cotton or nylon laces. Lock Laces® are designed to increase blood flow through the foot and decrease pressure, so you never have to worry about restricting circulation. The unique design allows the shoe to expand as your foot swells throughout the day, providing a tight, snug fit without constricting the foot.

  3. Fashion

    Lock Laces® give senior citizens an alternative to out-of-style Velcro shoes and keep them looking cool, just like their grandkids! Lock Laces® come in a variety of popular colors that match most any shoe and color design, whether you want to try out our classic colors (like White, Black or Brown) or our brighter selection (like Orange, Sour Green Apple or Hot Pink).

Now, it’s time to reclaim your independence, safety, comfort, support and style by replacing your traditional laces with Lock Laces®.



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