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Top 5 Products for Running at Night

Top 5 Products for Running at Night

Runners face one important challenge when running at night: Visibility. Especially after Daylight Saving Time ends, there are very few opportunities to run during the day if you have daytime responsibilities. Safety must be your number one priority if you are forced to squeeze in your daily runs at night because of work schedules, familial duties and other responsibilities. So grab a water bottle, leave your earbuds at home and check out these recommended products before hitting the pavement for a refreshing night jog.

  1. Rumble 24/7 Running Shoe Light Clip

    Brightening up your run is the best way to ensure safety on your nightly run. The Rumble Running Shoe Light Clip securely attaches to the back of any tennis shoe, making you extremely visible to drivers and other passersby. It’s affordable, lightweight, waterproof and extremely bright, so you never have to worry about running completely in the dark even after the sun has set.

    shoe light clip
  2. Waterproof Skinny Sport Fitness Safety ID Bracelet

    As a general rule of thumb, you shouldn’t go anywhere without at least some form of ID including a name, address and emergency contact. The Skinny Sport Fitness Safety ID Bracelet is a must-have when runners choose to leave their bulky, heavy wallets at home before going on a jog. This waterproof ID bracelet allows you to be quickly identified in the case of an emergency — and it’s pretty sleek and stylish, too!

    safety running id bracelet
  3. Reflective Lock Laces®

    When it comes to running at night, it’s important to wear as many pieces of reflective clothing as possible. A pair of Reflective Lock Laces® is the perfect finishing touch to your nighttime exercise outfit. You can install them in nearly all sneakers with eyelets, so you don’t have to worry about buying expensive specialty shoes for running at dusk. There’s no need for batteries or charging because these Lock Laces® are made from 3M reflective material that naturally reflects all light on contact! And, because Lock Laces® are no-tie shoelaces, you’ll never waste precious time tying and retying your shoes throughout your run. Safety and convenience? It seems like a no-brainer.

    lock laces reflective for running at night
  4. Athlights

    Athlights Safety Lights are the smallest, easiest-to-use lights for late-night runners. Visible at night from up to 600 feet away and weighing only 1/3 of an ounce, they’re perfect for clipping anywhere on your running gear. The lights alternate in a red-white-red pattern, alerting drivers to take extreme caution.

  5. Tracer360 Visibility Vest

    The Tracer360 Visibility Vest is undoubtedly the future of running at night. Simply slip it over any running shirt and it instantly illuminates your entire body, warning motorists of your presence while also brightening your running path.

    tracer360 vest

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