It’s Spring, Time to Run Outside!

It’s Spring, Time to Run Outside!

April 30, 2019 / by Tiffany Allis

Now that we have nice weather, it’s time to start running outside again! If you’re like us, you may have been running on the treadmill for the last 6 months just to stay warm.  We love to run outside, and the weather has been perfect in our neck of the woods.  Here are a few suggestions to make your run a good one!

  1. Lock Laces. Get the original, elastic no tie shoe lace that turns any pair of shoes into slip-ons.  We have several different colors to choose from that match your shoes and help coordinate your running look.
  2. A great pair of shades can give you style and provide protection from the sun’s rays.
  3. There are several options here, whether you want to run with a belt or a hand-held, make sure you have plenty of water to beat the heat.
  4. Good socks. Socks could be the difference between a blister free run or a short trip around the block. 
  5. Running buddy. Sometimes having a running partner can make the mileage fly by.  If you don’t have a run buddy, check out races in your area.  A 5K, 10K, half marathon or marathon will usually have a pretty good turn out of people to run with.  Not to mention, many have a great charity component.  
  6. Odor Drops! Don’t forget to pick up our premium shoe deodorizer that will help fight those smelly running shoes.  With a pack of six, you can tackle up to 3 pairs of shoes. 

Hope some of these tips help you have a good run this Spring.  Now get out there and put some mileage on those Lock Laces!

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