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Why We Love the “Pick Your Own 3 Pack"

Why We Love the “Pick Your Own 3 Pack"

If you’ve visited our website, you’ve undoubtedly seen our Pick Your Own 3 Packs available for purchase.  We love the 3 Pack combo because it gives our consumers the opportunity to be creative!  Of course, you can buy the 3 packs using each individual pack in a shoe.  You can also mix and match the colors!!  One of our favorites is the combo of Red, White and Navy Blue – love the patriotism!

We are based in North Carolina, so we’ve got several mix and match school and pro team favorites:

  • Red, White, and Black: NC State
  • Royal, White, Black: Duke
  • Black, Yellowstone, White: Wake Forest
  • Purple, Neon, White: ECU
  • Teal, Black, White: Carolina Panthers
  • Teal, Purple, White: Charlotte Hornets

Those are just teams local to North Carolina, the color combinations are nearly endless!!  I’m sure we have something for your favorite team, wherever you reside.   

Beyond supporting your favorite sport, what if your shoe has several colors that you really want to pop with your lace?  Did you just buy a new pair of Nike running shoes with a black base, white mid-sole and orange swoosh?  We’ll, we’ve got all of those colors! How about an orange lace, black lock and white clip? That’ll stand out!

So, the next time you want to take advantage of our Pick Your Own 3 Pack, don’t hesitate to be creative!  Use code BLOG for 20% off your order.

Thanks for reading!  If you have any questions please reach out to us at


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