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Durable No Tie Shoelaces for Work Boots

Durable No Tie Shoelaces for Work Boots

Many industrial companies require their employees to wear protective footwear for safety reasons. Any job that has the risks of falling, electrical or piecing hazards must ensure that those exposed must have on proper footwear for safety measures.

Our Lock Laces® for Boots are 72” long and extremely durable, fitting all lace-up boots from low-cut boots to high boots and one-size-fits-all for kids and adults. These laces are great for factory workers, First Responders, and more. 

The elastic laces are water resistant and the elastically always the lace to stretch with your feet for comfortable all day wear. Wearing a no tie shoelace not only save time from tying your shoes but so you don't have to drop what you're doing and take off your gloves. Our locking mechanism allows adjustable tension just for when you'd want a tighter fit. 

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