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How To Prevent Daylight Savings From Ruining Your Workout Routine

How To Prevent Daylight Savings From Ruining Your Workout Routine

With daylight savings creeping up in 2 days, means it’s almost time to spring forward! Don’t let daylight savings time stop you from doing your workout routine. While no one is looking forward to losing an hour of sleep, you can always think positive by remembering those long runs when it’s not dark out! Here are a few tips to not let daylight savings time from messing with your workout routine.

Workout the night before

If you’re planning on resting the night before daylight savings day, you might want to give that a second thought. Going for a run the night before your spring forward will help you sleep better and might make it easier for you when you lose an extra hour of sleep.  

Adjust Your Sleep Schedule

If you’re always feeling tired after daylight savings, you might want to start sleeping early to make up for the skipped hour. Going to bed 30 minutes earlier the night of daylight savings will allow your body to get more rest.

Longer days means more runs

While losing an hour of sleep is always a bummer, just remember that longer days means more time to run before the sun goes down.

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