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How to Reduce Sore Feet for Longer Runs

How to Reduce Sore Feet for Longer Runs

While running overall is good for your health, it is usually harder on your feet than any other workout. Foot pain is a common issue that always troubles runners or people who are constantly on their feet all day. As a runner, you’ve probably have encountered some type of foot pain which is not pleasant. We’ve listed a few tips to avoid and reduce foot pains for longer and better runs.


Before and after any exercise it is important to stretch all muscles. When your muscles are properly warmed up the strain is reduced. Stretching not only reduces stains, but they will also increase the heart rate, and blood flow so you can run more efficiently.

Run in the right shoes:

Running in nice fancy shoes may make you look better however if they don’t fit properly, your feet might end up hating you. If the shoes don’t feel right this can lead to problems for your feet. Improper shoes can cause calluses, ankle sprains and even knee inquires.

Socks that fit your feet:

Picking the right shoes seems like a no brainer however socks have just a big impact on your feet as much as your shoes do. In fact, socks that don’t fit properly can cause blisters and other feet problems.

Opt for the best laces:

If you’re always on the move, you’ll want to get elastic shoelaces. The elasticity will reduce pressure points and increase blood flow below the ankle. Avoid an untied shoelace during a long run by getting LOCK LACES which makes it easier than ever to adjust the tension before a run and slip off after.

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