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Try Lock Laces® This Summer!

Try Lock Laces® This Summer!

Can you believe summer is just around the corner? Who wants to tie shoes when it is so hot out?  Not us!  We’d rather slip our shoes on and off while we are having some fun in the sun!

Try Lock Laces® in your boat shoes!  You’ll never have to worry about those laces coming untied while you are skipping across the waves with your friends.  Our dress laces or our white lace will make a great addition to your boat shoe. 

Lock Laces are also great for your beach running shoes!  Ever tried tying a lace after getting them wet in the ocean on those morning runs to watch the sun come up?  Nearly impossible!  Lock Laces are water resistant, so you won’t have any trouble with a little ocean water. 

Check out some of our bright colors for the summer.  Orange, Neon Yellow and Reflective Teal Blue are great colors for the season.

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