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Hit the Links With Lock Laces®

Hit the Links With Lock Laces®

Who is hitting the links this summer?!  We are!  We can’t wait to get out to our favorite course and play 9 holes (or 18)!  Know what makes a fantastic pairing? Your golf shoes with Lock Laces®!

Couple our white laces with your favorite golf shoes.  You’ll love the fit that our elastic laces provide while out on the course.  Whether you’re walking or using a cart, you’ll appreciate the flexibility and comfort of Lock Laces.   

Try our red laces if you want a pop of color for the course.  We know a pretty good golfer who wears red on Sundays.  Make a fashion statement while making par!  Our double eyelet lock ensures that our laces are fashionable AND functional!

Go for a birdie with our royal blue laces!  Stay out of those sand traps while sporting storm gray.  If you end up in the water, don’t worry, our laces are water resistant. 

If you’re a caddie for the summer, make sure to grab a pair of our black laces.  An untied shoe should be the last thing you worry about when you’re advising your golfer on a 9 iron or a wedge.  Keep your focus where it matters most…which is not on your shoelaces!

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