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Tips to Relieve Pain for Happy Holiday Feet

Tips to Relieve Pain for Happy Holiday Feet

The holiday season is in full effect now that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. The last thing you want is to be in pain when you’re supposed to be enjoying time with family. Don’t let your achy feet ruin the holiday spirit by following these steps for healthy holiday feet.

Keep your feet dry when outside

Wet feet are not only uncomfortable but can get cold during this season. Wearing socks that are made with synthetic or wool fabric will enable your feet to be toasty and dry. Wool socks can absorb a high amount of moisture allowing your feet to stay dry longer than cotton socks. This will reduce the possibility of blisters, infections and other conditions.

Moisturize your skin

While the paragraph above stresses that you should keep your feet dry at all times, it is important to keep the skin moisturized during the cold winter temperatures. Moisturizing your feet daily can prevent dry, and irritated skin.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

We get it, it’s the holiday and you want to look your best. However, you can still look the part while ditching those high heels or uncomfortable dress shoes. When you know you’ll be on your feet all day for shopping, traveling or cooking make sure to wear shoes with good support.

Ditch the lace, Get No Tie Shoelaces

With shoes, always comes with shoelaces. However, when you are on your feet all day your shoes might take a toll on your feet but do you ever think that it might just be your shoelace? Lock Laces® conforms with your feet for added comfort and support as your feet swell throughout the day. The elastic laces will stretch when you put your foot in the shoe, and the fastening system will keep your laces at the perfect tension. If you want to know more about the anatomy of Lock Laces® read our blog about the amazing power of elastic shoelaces.

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