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The Amazing Power of Elastic Shoe Laces

The Amazing Power of Elastic Shoe Laces


If we were to give away the “secret recipe,” of what makes Lock LacesⓇ the premier no-tie shoelace. elasticity would be one of the ingredients. To understand why and how elastic shoelaces can change the world as your feet know it, let’s take a closer look into the anatomy of a pair of Lock LacesⓇ

Inside each lace, there are 6 rounded strands of durable and flexible strands of elastic. In Lock Laces® Pro Series™ laces there are 5 elastic strands, so the laces fit better in popular trail and road running shoes with smaller eyelets. This unique feature makes Lock LacesⓇ more flexible, durable and responsive than cotton shoelaces or other elastic shoelaces. Weather resistant fabric tightly wraps the strands together and prevents breakage.

Now that you have better knowledge on the engineering behind each pair of Lock LacesⓇ, you can better understand the remarkable benefits of wearing elastic no-tie laces.

Better Foot Health

When your feet swell, your shoes feet tighter. Your feet might not swell to the point where it visually noticeable but, you might feel as if your feet ache in certain areas of your foot over long periods of time. A common point of discomfort is the top of the foot that sets in after wearing tightly laced shoes over a long period of time. The elasticity of Lock LacesⓇ accommodates for the natural swelling of the foot throughout the day or during periods of exertion and creates blood flow to the foot. This helps prevent pain and reduces conditions like Metatarsalgia and tendinitis.

Increased Responsiveness

Running uphill and downhill, moving side to side and jumping are all motions that take a toll on your whole body, especially your feet. Even hiking up ascents and then descending puts the lower body through a significant amount of stress. These activities are highly beneficial to fitness and strength; however, they can quickly cause injury. Lock LacesⓇ move with the muscles inside the foot and the toes as they land on the ground. The elasticity allows the toes and tendons to respond to terrain, change of direction and incline. Standard shoelaces restrict movement causing certain areas of the foot to bare more impact and weight than what they were designed to handle which over time, results in pain and injury.

Weather Resistance

 Have you ever noticed that when your shoes get wet, they seem to become loose and you must keep tightening them? Water causes cotton to stretch so when your shoes become saturated, your shoes and laces expand. Tightening your laces and then not completely unlacing your shoe to let them dry to their original size causes your shoes to stretch. Since Lock Lace'sⓇ weather resistant, you won't have to continually tighten your shoes on a rainy day. Furthermore, you won't have to take the time to unlace your shoes each time you bear the elements to prevent unwanted stretching.


While most people associate Lock LacesⓇ with the go-to no-tie lace alternative, the elasticity of the laces is a quality feature to not be overlooked.



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