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Stay Visible with Reflective Lock Laces®

Stay Visible with Reflective Lock Laces®


The end of daylight saving time calls for everyone to set their clocks back but what people seem to forget is to gear up on reflective clothing. Even though the days are getting shorter, you can still stay active when its dark out by gearing up with Lock Laces®

It is important to wear as many pieces of reflective clothing as much as possible. A pair of Reflective Lock Laces® is the perfect finishing touch to your nighttime exercise outfit. There's no need for batteries or charging because these Lock Laces® are made from a reflective material that naturally reflects all light on contact! And, because Lock Laces® are no-tie shoelaces, you’ll never waste precious time tying and retying your shoes throughout your run. Safety and convenience? You Bet!


Thanks for reading!
Thanks for reading! We hope you stay visible this winter!
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