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What are Odor Drops and Why Should You Get Them?

What are Odor Drops and Why Should You Get Them?

After a run or a long day, you might notice your sneakers are always smelling a bit funky. If you struggle with keeping your shoes smelling fresh but hate those powder deodorizers or sprays, then our Odor Drops might be a good fit for you!

The LOCK LACES® Odor Drops™ are a premium sneaker deodorant balls for eliminating odor perfect for sneakers as well as athletic bags, and gym lockers. It's super convenient and the best part about it is that it’s mess free!

Easy to Activate

Its spherical design makes it easy to activate and insert the deodorant balls into any pair of shoes. Simply twist the two hemispheres to unlock the vents and drop them in your smelly sneakers. It's that simple!


The LOCK LACES® Odor Drops™ comes in a resealable packaging tube that ensures your Odor Drops remain fresh longer. After using the LOCK LACES® odor Drops you can simply twist the vents closed and store them back into the packing tube to preserve freshness. The LOCK LACES® Odor Drops can last up to 1 year, depending on the frequency of use.

Can be Used in Different Settings

Unlike regular shoe deodorizers, our LOCK LACES® Odor Drops™ is so versatile that is can be used in athletic bags, gym lockers, closets and even in the car! Odor Drops' small spherical design makes it easy to activate it in the car to tackle any smelly odors. The LOCK LACES® Odor Drops™ work by absorbing offensive and disgusting odors from the dark recesses of your sneakers and releasing its own refreshing, non-offensive scent. LOCK LACES® Odor Drops™ can lock in and destroy odors from sneakers or gym clothes sitting around in your closet. It's designed to fit inside any pair of sneakers to absorb any offensive and disgusting odors.

Perfect for Everyone

The LOCK LACES® Odor Drops are great for all ages, genders, and shoe sizes. They come in a 6-pack, great for freshening 3 pairs of shoes at once. Each packaging comes with 2 white and 4 black balls and each ball is 1.5 inches in diameter.

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