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Postseason interview with Lock LacesⓇ ambassador and World Team Tennis Rookie of the Year, Kevin King

For the first in his career, tennis ambassador Kevin King competed on the Philadelphia Freedoms, a professional World Team Tennis (WTT) Team. The top-seeded Freedoms were on a mission to capture their 3rd WTT World Championship title this past Sunday at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. The Freedoms fell short in the championship match to the Springfield Lasers.

“I’ll remember the atmosphere of the championship as a whole. Everyone was into the match, and the fans were engaged.” Lock LacesⓇ ambassador Kevin King said.

Although Miomir Kecmanovic had upset Kevin King in the last set of the match, King’s season was one of the best runs of his career yet. The Freedoms blazed their way to the championship match, finishing at the top of the league with an outstanding 12-2 record.

“We were successful because we had a very talented team that had great chemistry and worked hard together,” King said.

The Freedoms also brought home a collection of awards. King earned Male Rookie of the Year. His teammate Taylor Townsend won the female MVP of the Year. Their coach, Craig Carden, won Coach of the Year.

“I was really excited to earn Rookie of The Year but, my team and my coach helped me a lot. They were undoubtedly the reasons why I had a strong season."

Kevin King thrived in the team environment despite only a knowing a few of his teammates before the tournament. King had practiced with fellow Atlanta native, Taylor Townsend at Georgia Tech (his alma mater) and played against Fabrice Martin in a match several years ago.

 “I love team tennis and hope it continues to become a bigger part of the game. I enjoyed having people to train and travel with. It reminded of playing in college at Georgia Tech,” King said.

For King, team tennis was a refreshing change from traditional tennis tournaments. The energetic crowd and upbeat setting were a few of King’s favorite aspects of WTT.

“It was rewarding to connect more with the fans during the season. The fans can get much more into the matches. There are an MC and music playing during the matches. After the match, kids can come on the court, talk to the players and get autographs,” King said.

Kevin especially enjoyed handing out autographed Lock LacesⓇ to the young fans at The Freedom’s matches. One hundred fans along with all the members of The Freedoms received the same product that Kevin trusts every time he steps on the court.

“As always Lock LacesⓇ gave me the consistent support and comfort I need on the court. The WTT is a demanding, fast-paced tournament and I never once had to stop to adjust or tie my shoes. Lock LacesⓇ keep my shoes tight but the elasticity of the laces responds to all my sharp movements, so I never have to worry about sliding in my shoes or lower leg injuries,” King said.

Looking back on this year’s WTT season, Kevin King feels positive about his game enjoyed his first WTT experience and playing for The Philadelphia Freedoms. He wants WTT to become a part regular of his professional career.

“I hope to play in the WTT Championships again next year with the Philadelphia Freedoms. Everything from the team, to the fans, was great and I feel like I grew as a player,” King said.

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