Back to School Tips: Starting the Day Off on the Right Foot

Back to School Tips: Starting the Day Off on the Right Foot

August 17, 2018 / by Lock Laces

Does your morning routine seem too dreadful? Rushing around the house in the morning can cause unneeded stress for any family. When stress strikes, tempers rise, emotions heat up and the arguments unfold. No one wants to start off their day with a bad taste in their mouth so, here are some helpful hacks on how to get ready, out the door, to school all while reducing stress.

Prepare the night before

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail,” so lay out your outfit the night before, scoop out the cereal, put in the bowl, cut up the fruit. Keep your food ready and covered in the fridge so all anyone must do is grab it and eat it. Make sure all books and homework for the next day are in the backpack before you go to bed, so you can avoid late work or frantic trips back to the house to grab your kids homework.

Be the first to rise

If you have kids, beat them out of bed. You can help them stay focused on getting ready for the day, set out their breakfast and set the mood. Plus, this can give you some much needed personal time with your coffee or tea before or the hustle and bustle begin. Moreover, you get the opportunity to tell your family good morning and make everyone’s day start with a smile!

Get no-tie shoelaces

The amount of time it can take to put on shoes, make sure they feel right, and tie them adds up quickly, especially if you have younger kids who are learning to tie or don’t like to tie their shoes. Lock LacesⓇ are the original, no-tie shoelace that turns any athletic or lifestyle shoe into a slip on. The laces are elastic so they're super comfortable for all day use. Lock LacesⓇ come in all different colors. Each family member can have their own custom color!

Invest in a Bluetooth key finder

Even if you’re an organized person, things can have a way of disappearing. Scrambling in the morning is the last thing you need while trying to get out the door in a limited amount of time. In fact, the average person spends 60 hours a year looking for missing items. The small key ring links to your phone so you can ring your lost keys, even when your phone is on silent!

Reduce your number of personal care steps

Use health and beauty products that multitask. There can be many steps in a hygiene regime, especially when applying makeup. Check out your supermarket or beauty store for items that are multitaskers such as lotions with sunscreen, foundations with sunscreen or shampoos with conditioner.

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We hope these tips will help you start off the school year on the right foot!
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