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Overcoming the Triathlon Transition

Overcoming the Triathlon Transition

You gather on a beach with hundreds of people, and you share one goal with most of them: winning. You’ve been up since 4 a.m. so you can mentally and physically prepare for the triathlon over a light breakfast — a bagel with a light peanut butter spread.

After you’ve set up all of your essential items at the race’s transition points, you get checked in while a kind, wide-eyed woman slips a race number under your race belt. "Smile," she reminds you. "Your wave is starting soon."

When the horn blows, you dive into the cold, salty water, but you don’t even feel the chill. You don’t have time to thank the adrenaline coursing through your veins. You just swim. And before you know it, you’ve reached the transition point from water to cycling. Now the hard part — taking off your swimming essentials and putting on your cycling gear in a matter of seconds.

The triathlon transition can be hectic. Awareness and timing are essential. Tempers can flare as tensions run high, bikes crash and gear is tossed about. And the sooner you are in and out of the transition areas, the better!

Lock Laces® offer triathletes a simple solution to improving their transition time. These no-tie laces allow triathletes to slip on their running shoes and tighten in a matter of seconds. And saving seconds at transitions is crucial during a triathlon competition.

Lock Laces® are water-resistant, meaning they won’t fray and break like regular cotton laces. So don’t stress if you are running in the rain or if your feet/socks are still wet from the swim transition; when you replace your laces with Lock Laces®, you never have to worry about your shoelaces snapping, breaking or coming untied during any critical moment. After months and months of diligent training, something like shoelaces should never get in the way of a strong finish.

The elastic laces conform to the user’s feet, giving them a custom fit with added support. Being comfortable during any athletic event is important, but comfort is key during a long endurance run. Because Lock Laces® are designed with athletes in mind, they give triathletes the opportunity to increase performance during training and competition so you can always Win. Never Tie.

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