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Lock Laces®: Easy No Tie Laces for Kids

Lock Laces®: Easy No Tie Laces for Kids

Children learn and develop at many different paces during childhood. While one child may learn to tie his or her shoes in a matter of hours or days, other children may take months or years to learn how to properly tie shoelaces.

And, unfortunately, once they do learn how to tie shoelaces, most children have problems keeping them tied throughout the day.

Parents and teachers — meet Lock Laces®. Lock Laces® are the original no-tie elastic shoelaces that never come untied. Children simply replace their traditional shoelaces with Lock Laces® and they'll never ask you to tie their shoes again! Lock Laces® are super stylish, and they have a lot of other great benefits, too:

Style & Comfort

There’s no doubt about it — children are micro-fashionistas. They follow the latest trends, and they want to wear the newest, popular brands. Lock Laces® are a sleek, stylish alternative to floppy, dingy shoelaces. With Lock Laces®, there’s no need to buy Velcro or slip-on shoes for children who have problems with tying. Lock Laces® can be installed in every shoe with eyelets, so children can wear the “cool” tennis shoes all their friends are wearing without having to worry about their shoes coming untied.

Lock Laces® are one-size-fits-all because of their trim-to-fit technology. That’s right — you don’t have to worry about measuring shoelaces to find your child’s perfect fit. Once you’ve installed the laces with your child’s feet in the shoes, use a pair of scissors to trim off some of the excess lace. We recommend cutting about 3 inches below the lock device to leave room for future adjustments.

Lock Laces® adjustable tension allows your child to tighten or loosen his or her laces in only seconds. To adjust the fit of Lock Laces®, all your child has to do is slide the mechanical lock toward the toe of the shoe to loosen and towards the tongue of the shoe to tighten.

Because they are made from elastic material, Lock Laces® stretch as your child’s foot naturally swells throughout the day, making them much more comfortable than traditional, restricting shoelaces.

No More Dragging Laces

When children’s shoes come untied, they often don’t want to take the time to retie their laces. If their shoelaces are constantly dragging the ground, they’re picking up germs and bacteria from all over school — in bathrooms, halls, classrooms, playgrounds and cafeterias. But Lock Laces® never come untied, they never trail the ground, so your child will have less contact with harmful germs that get them sick.

Independence & Time

Everyone wants to teach their children the importance of independence. Because your child won’t have to constantly ask for help with tying, he or she will feel a greater sense of independence. And parents and teachers will love not having to waste time to drop everything and tie their children's laces. On average, we spend 2 minutes per day tying and retying our own shoes. Just think — if you stop tying your child’s laces, you’ll save 12 hours over the course of the year!

In today’s society, children are busier than ever. They juggle school, homework, piano lessons, basketball practice, voice lessons, ballet and more. They’re constantly on the go with little time to spare in their hectic schedules. Lock Laces® are the no tie laces for kids that will cater to those busy lifestyles, saving your children time and giving them the style, comfort and independence they deserve.

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