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Lock Laces® for Pregnancy

Lock Laces® for Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be one of the most rewarding and beautiful experiences in a woman’s life. But, unfortunately, pregnancy also comes along with some not-so-desirable adjustments to your daily life. Between morning sickness, weight-gain, intensified hormones and foot swelling, many women have to adapt their routines to pregnancy, changing the way they dress, walk, eat, sleep and more.

However, once you replace your traditional laces with Lock Laces®, it is much easier to adjust to pregnancy:

Every Shoe Becomes a Slip-On

Very often, women must buy slip-on or Velcro shoes during pregnancy to prevent excessive bending and straining. But you can finally ditch those expensive specialty no-tie shoes once you replace your laces with Lock Laces®. Lock Laces® fit in every shoe with eyelets, so you can wear your favorite shoes all throughout your pregnancy! And they’re available in 16 colors so you can easily find a match for every color shoe.

Say ‘Goodbye’ to Bending

Bending can cause unnecessary strain on your body during pregnancy, so it’s very important to bend as little as possible. Many women find that they bend most frequently when tying and retying their shoes throughout the day, which is why so many expecting mothers turn to slip-on and Velcro shoes as alternatives to their regular tying shoes.

But once you’ve installed your Lock Laces®, you can treat your normal shoes like slip-ons! And because they are made of elastic material, the laces will stretch when you put your foot in the shoe (so you won’t damage the shoe’s heel or your back). The fastening system will keep your laces at the perfect tension so they are ready to go the next time you are.

Adjustable Tension Takes Foot Support to the Next Level

It’s very important for women to maintain low-stress exercises during pregnancy such as walking. Engaging in non-strenuous exercises can reduce back aches, swelling, bloating and more.

Lock Laces® adjustable tension makes it easier and quicker than ever to tighten your shoe’s tension before exercising. Simply press down on the lock device to open the passages and slide toward the tongue of your shoe to tighten. That’s it — no more slip-on or Velcro shoes! And definitely no more double (or triple) knots.

Lock Laces® & Feet Swelling

Throughout the day, it’s normal for your feet to swell both when you’re pregnant and when you’re not pregnant. If your traditional laces are tied tight, they can become extremely restrictive for your feet, cutting off blood-flow and circulation. But Lock Laces'® elastic material allows your shoe to stretch with your foot as it swells, ensuring that your circulation is never restricted.

Pregnancy can be complicated enough without having to worry about all the disadvantages of traditional laces. Replacing your laces with Lock Laces® will help you and your body adjust much easier to pregnancy — through the good and the bad. If you’re interested in learning more about how Lock Laces® can also benefit your children, check out our article on “Lock Laces® for Kids.”

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