Lock Laces®: Turn Any Shoe into a Slip-On

Lock Laces®: Turn Any Shoe into a Slip-On

August 31, 2018 / by Lock Laces

Imagine not having to tie your favorite shoes ever again. Lock Laces® give you the ability to turn any shoe into a slip-on shoe. Don't believe it? Here's how it works.


Lock Laces® allows you to skip the loops, knots, and bows. Instead, it has an adjustable lock that slides up and down the shoelace, so you can instantly take your shoe on or off instantly. The lock holds the laces in place instead of a knot. A small cord clip fastens to the end of the laces, so the laces stay consistent and streamlined to the shoe. It's that simple.

What's the upside to being able to slip your shoes on and off? Tying your shoes might seem like a mindless, everyday task you don't even think twice about, but you may be surprised how many benefits there are to transition to a no-tie lifestyle.

Many people who installed a pair of Lock Laces® for the first time fell in love with how convenient it is to be able to slip their shoes on and off. The average person spends 268 hours in a lifetime tying and untying their shoes. If you are someone who wears several pairs of shoes a day or ties other people's shoes, the time you spend tying is double, triple or even greater than 268 hours. Think of all the things you could do with that extra time! If you are an efficiency aficionado, this is a great way to save time during your day.

If you are an athlete, Lock Laces® can give you an advantage during training and competition. Triathletes were one of the first groups to discover Lock Laces® when they found that being able to slip on their shoes during their races made their transitions faster. If your practices or workouts require you to change shoes, Lock Laces® will allow you to do so hassle-free and pick off right where you left off.

In some circumstances, the ability to slip shoes on and off is a necessity. Instead of having to go out and buy a pair of slip-on shoes, Lock Laces® give you the opportunity to continue to wear your existing shoes. Athletic shoes and sneakers are very comfortable and are good for your lower body's health so, having to set them aside just because you are having trouble tying shoes would be very disappointing and frustrating. If you are having temporary or chronic troubles bending over then Lock Laces® can help you get your shoes on pain-free. Lock Laces® also make daily life easier for people with disabilities or who lack fine motor skills in their hands by providing with a way to take their shoes on and off with one hand.

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Carol Nagle
Carol Nagle

October 25, 2019

I have a pair and am buying more for Xmas for friends. Carol LaPorte City, Ia

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