#Killianit Challenge

#Killianit Challenge

December 07, 2018 / by Lien Pham

Our Lock Laces® ambassador, Robert Killian is challenging you to do the #Killianit Challenge! Sometimes we just don’t work out because a gym is not accessible to us. However, Robert is changing the game by challenging you to make most of your environment. Instead of spending money or leaving to go to a gym what you really need is a work out with no equipment or gym required.

That’s exactly what Robert has for you! The gym-free outdoor fitness consists of 25 reps per station and 5 different types of workout!

The challenge includes:
Mile 1: Push-ups
Mile 2: Box Jumps or Squats
Mile 3: Bicycle or Flutter kick
Mile 4: Lunges
Mile 5: Burpees

Check out Robert’s #Killianit Challange!

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