How to Reopen and Reinstall the Cord Clip

How to Reopen and Reinstall the Cord Clip

November 01, 2015 / by Ben Foster

In this article, we will be covering how to properly remove and reattach the Lock Laces® Cord Clip. This tutorial will come in handy if you ever need to readjust your laces after installation, or if the Cord Clip inadvertently closes prior to installation.



First, locate the opening at the end of the Cord Clip. Then, take a flathead screwdriver and insert it into the opening. Press down, toward the tongue of the shoe, with the head of the screwdriver to open the Cord Clip.

To reinstall the Cord Clip, simply slide the clip back onto the lace ends and align the ends of the laces with the teeth inside the cord clip.

Then, snap the Cord Clip together to secure. Your Cord Clip is now properly installed, and your Lock Laces® are ready to go!

If you have any further questions or experience any difficulty, please contact us!

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