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Do Your Shoelaces Matter?

Do Your Shoelaces Matter?

Everyone wants style when it comes to their footwear, whether you are rocking them at the gym or for casual use. Whatever the occasion, one thing we all can agree on is that no one wants to trip on their laces. No matter how much you tug on your “bunny” ears they are bound to become untied. While most sneakers still have laces on them, you can always switch them out to give you style, function, and performance.


Why Do Shoelaces Come Untied?

Whether you are walking or running, your shoelaces might end up failing you. So why does this happen? Over time your knots will weaken especially when there is a lot of movement for example if you were on a run. Your bows will start to flap around and they will start to slip through the knot which then leads to an untied shoelace.


Invest in No-Tie Shoelaces

With Lock laces you never have to tie your shoes again, You can put Lock Laces® in most lace-up tennis shoes or sneakers in just 5 minutes. Simply take out your existing shoelaces, replace them with our elastic laces with your feet in the shoes, trim them to fit and lock them into place with the fastening system. Our proprietary trim-to-fit design makes Lock Laces® a one-size-fits-all for both kids and adults. That’s right — grandma and grandpa wear the same size as the kids!


Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading! We hope you join the never tie your shoes again club!
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