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Best Christmas Stocking Stuffers Ideas

Best Christmas Stocking Stuffers Ideas

With Christmas in a few weeks, it is officially time to start shopping for holiday gifts. That includes gifts for family, friends, and even pets. Today, we’ve gathered up stocking stuffer ideas for kids and adults without breaking the bank!



One of the most effective gifts you can give someone is something that tastes good. Candy is a good option if you are stuck on what to get someone especially kids.



Giving socks as a gift is a good idea for someone who doesn’t want to break the bank but wants to seem like you’ve put enough effort. Let's face it, everyone needs socks so even if the recipient was wishing for something else, they will most likely still use the socks. They also come in a variety of styles, and colors so you can always play around with styles as gifts.


One Size Fits All

Everyone loves “one size fits all” gifts because it’s easy. With one size fits all gifts you can avoid the search for specific sizes. Lock Laces®  are all one size fits all and they are great for kids and adults. Read more on our one size fits all blog.


Sneaker Balls

Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for a runner or someone that just have smelly feet, our  LOCK LACES® Odor Drops™ are great to eliminate odors! Its spherical design makes it easy to activate and insert into any pair of shoes. They can also be used for garbage cans, pet toys, closets, and gym lockers.


Dog Water Bottle

Get your furry friend a 12 oz. dog water bottle for Christmas! Our Bark Bottle™  is 100% BPA free and comes in three colors (Blue, Gray, Green). This is great for long car rides, walks, and other pet-friendly activity!



Like socks, gloves are extremely stylish and can keep someone warm during the long winter months. Make sure to get gloves that are not only warm but are tech savvy it can be used while using touchscreen devices.



When the weather gets colder, your lips will naturally get chapped. This is a product that anyone can use (except your pets of course). Lip balm or chopsticks will seal moisture against elements. If you’re gifting to those who like makeup get a lip balm or Chapstick with a tint of color.


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