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Lock Laces®: One Size Fits All

Lock Laces®: One Size Fits All

Lock Laces® come in many colors to fit anyone, but all our laces are one size fits all. Interestingly, many other lacing systems have different size laces for different types of shoes. However, we choose to make our laces one-size-fits-all for several reasons.


Each pair of Lock Laces® comes with two 48-inch elastic laces. Why? Because we realize that feet come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and no one knows your foot better than you. Two people who wear the same shoe size can have totally different foot shapes. Luckily, Lock Laces® allow anyone to customize their shoes by finding the perfect fit.  People with wider feet have plenty of lace to work with so their shoes feel more spacious. Those with narrow naturally use less of their laces. However, with Lock Laces®, people with narrow feet can easily trim their laces so they don’t have excess lace dangling and dragging on the ground as they move.


Some people like their laces to match their shoes perfectly while some like to make a bold statement with their laces. Our radiant colors are the same size as neutral colors. We believe that bright, colorful laces are not just for kids and a sleek looking lace is not reserved only for adults. If you want to rock a pair of hot pink laces in neon yellow shoes or look like all-business with a black pair of laces in a black pair of shoes, then go for it!


Since all Lock Laces® are the same size, you don’t have to stare at a chart and ponder what size of lace fits you. We recommend that you simply cut Lock Laces® to the bridge of your shoe then snap on the cord clip. Through many years of listening to customers and refining the product ourselves, we have found that this is the sweet spot of comfort for most people.


One-size-fits-all is one of the unique features of Lock Laces®. It’s one of the secret ingredients we have found that makes our laces the most comfortable and user-friendly laces out there!

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