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Lock Laces Boot No-Tie Shoelaces

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Lock Laces® for Boots are 72” long and extremely durable, fitting all lace-up boots from low-cut hiking boots to military boots. No-tie shoelaces will transform your boot experience making it easier to slip in and out of your boots when you want to but also being tight enough to not have to worry about slipping out at the wrong time. 

Each pair of Boot Lock Laces® contains 2 72” elastic laces, 2 lock devices and 2 cord clips and is suitable for lacing up one pair of boots or shoes.


  • No-tie lacing system turns any pair of lace-up boots into slip-ons while being tight enough once in place to reduce heel slippage.
  • Quick to install and easy to use.
  • Elastic laces conform to your foot for a custom fit and added compression reduces discomfort so you can perform your best!
  • Long-lasting: Each pair of laces is guaranteed to last the lifetime of your boot
  • Boot Lock Laces® are specifically designed to be thicker and longer for boots, while the Original Lock Laces® are perfect for all other types of standard lace-up shoes (running, tennis, etc.)
  • Universal: Compatible with all types of standard lace-up boots (hiking, work, safety, etc.)
  • One size fits all (kids and adults)
  • Boot Lock Laces® Measurements: 72” long, 0.25 cm diameter/each shoelace

Lace Diameter: 7 Strands, 0.25cm

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