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Post Pursuit

Post Pursuit

Hunting and Fishing | California

Fast Facts

  • The Post Pursuit is a modern day hunting movement based in California.
  • Goal: to help people think about hunting as a cycle of harvesting, gratitude and nutrition.
  • Mission: “To share how to use not only the meat of harvests, but any other part of the animal in hopes to inspire others to think beyond the hunt.”
  • Mantra: “Think beyond the hunt”
  • Why Lock Laces®: “The best boot laces I have ever owned. Period. These are a no tie lace system that are comfortable to wear, easy to use, and allow me to wear my boots both fully laced and at half height without dragging laces through the mud, dirt and grass. I don't ever worry about them coming untied in thick brush and I have not picked up a sticker in them due to the laces being made of elastic. Highly recommend them for all things outdoors.” - Reed Schodl, Founder of Post Pursuit

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