Podium Dreams

Obstacle Course Racing | Phoenix, Arizona

Fast Facts

  • Podium Dreams is a tag team of two elite OCR athletes on a relentless pursuit to stand tall on podiums.
  • Mantra: “Fueled by gratitude, grit and a little bit of glamour."
  • Story: “We never dreamed we would stand atop a Spartan Race podium. Danielle couldn’t run a mile 3 years ago, after having her second baby…and Ashley used to weigh over 200 pounds. But something changed in us and it changed our lives.”
  • Mission: “To share with you what helped us see beyond our external limitations and seek inward for what matters most.”
  • Why Lock Laces®: Like many OCR athletes, Podium Dreams wear Lock Laces® in competition and training because the laces never come untied, catch on obstacles and resist moisture.