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Lock Laces®

Designed by and for Triathletes and Runners.

Slip shoes on and off quickly while maintaining adequate compression and tightness.

NEVER worry about your shoes coming untied again.

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Choose from our 13 different original colors to match any shoe that you have! Once you switch to no-tie shoelaces, we're confident you will never go back.


Lock Laces are the ORIGINAL no-tie shoelace. This elastic lacing system is the premier lacing system on the market for triathletes and runners. Once installed, you will never worry about your laces coming untied again.

While Lock Laces were designed for athletes, Lock Laces turn any shoe into a slip on. The elastic laces make your shoe more comfortable by providing compression and allowing the shoe to expand with your foot.

You'll be able to slip in and out of your shoe without destroying the heel of your shoe and potentially increasing the life of the shoe!

• Never Tie Your Shoes Again

• Increased Comfort

• Elastic laces allow your shoe to expand with your foot as it swells during a run

• One-Size-Fits-All

• Patented double eyelet technology ensures shoelaces never get loose

• Create as tight or as loose a fit as you need

2 48" Elastic Laces

2 Patented Double Eyelet Locks

2 Cord Clips

Lace Diameter: 6 Strands

The idea of Lock Laces started in 1997 when college track athlete, Eric Jackson, set out to solve the problem of his shoes coming untied while running races. He fashioned a pair of no-slip adjustable elatic laces using bungee cords and cord clips.

Since then, Lock Laces has patented the technology and sold over 9 million pairs worldwide. Lock Laces sponsors premiere athletes like Robert Killian, 2x Spartan World Champion, and Anna Leigh Waters, the #1 Pickleball Player in the World.


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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Lock Laces has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that backs our product. Have a problem, get in touch with our customer service. We'll either help you solve the problem or refund your money.


The best way to reach us is by emailing us at

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