D3 Multi Sports

Triathlon | Boulder, Colorado

Fast Facts

  • D3 is based in Boulder, CO but coaches triathletes all over the world.
  • Mantra: “Desire, determination and discipline are the common threads that tie D3 athletes together.”
  • Mission: “Use evidence-based training science, technology, and wisdom to guide our athletes toward their multisport goals. Inspire others through our community of athletes who are great ambassadors of the sport.”
  • In 2016, D3 coached the USAT World Champion Sprint Distance age group athletes.
  • Why Lock Laces®: The coaches of D3 equip their athletes with the best knowledge, including what gear for to use on race day and in training. D3 chooses Lock Laces® because they make transitioning easier and can be trusted to not come untied during races.