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Most Common Questions
What comes in a pack of Lock Laces®?

Each package contains 2 48" elastic shoelaces, 2 lock devices, and 2 cord clips.

How many packs of Lock Laces® do I need for one pair of shoes?

1 pack of Lock Laces® is suitable for lacing up 1 pair of shoes.

Once I’ve installed Lock Laces® in my shoes, how do they work?

Lock Laces® are designed to turn any shoe into a slip-on. Because the laces are elastic, you can simply remove your foot from the shoe without moving the lock, and the elasticity of the shoelaces will prevent any damage to the heel of your shoe. You can also press down on the top of the lock device and pull it towards the toe of your shoe to loosen or tighten the laces.

Will Lock Laces® work in my boots or high-top sneakers?

Our 72" Boot Laces definitely will, and our 48” original laces might. All of our laces are heavy-duty and water-resistant.

Will Lock Laces® work in kids’ shoes?

Yes! Because of our trim-to-fit design, Lock Laces® are one-size-fits-all for both children and adults. For help with installation, please see our instructional guide here.

Busy parents love Lock Laces®, because they don’t have to pause their daily routine to tie rogue shoelaces, the laces stay clean and off the ground. Lock Laces® also help foster independence in kids with autism and other conditions that impair fine motor skills.

Can Lock Laces® be readjusted after initial installation?

Yes, the laces can always be made tighter. For this reason, we recommend initially installing the laces slightly looser than you might think, and then using the lock device to pull the laces to a snugger fit when desired. We always recommend cutting the laces 2-3 inches below the lock device to give yourself room to loosen them.

For instructions on how to remove and reinstall the cord clip, please see our article here.

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