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The Many Uses of Odor Drops!

The Many Uses of Odor Drops!

We all know that Odor Drops™ are the best way to deodorize your shoes, but did you know that there are a ton of places and spaces that you can use these little balls that pack a scented punch?!  What’s even more awesome is that we sell a set of 6 Odor Drops in a resealable tube which keeps the freshness locked in!

Keep your shoes smelling fresh by tossing in an Odor Drop.  Whether you use them in your training, casual or dress shoes, you’ll appreciate this little odor fighter.

Odor Drops are great for gym bags too. Carrying around gym shoes and dirty gym clothes can make a gym bag a little stinky!  Try adding an Odor Drop to freshen things up.

We love to use them in closets.  Depending on the size of your closet, add one or two to the space for some deodorizing power!

Take the fight on odor to your car. Great for cup holders, or anywhere it can fit, Odor Drops will keep your ride smelling nice.

Suitcases are another great spot for Odor Drops.  Keep them in your bag when not in use or toss one in while you’re packing for a trip.  In either case, a little fresh scent is on the way. 

Pop. Twist. Drop!  For freshness non-stop. 

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