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The Bark Bottle™ is the New Favorite Hydration Source for Pets

The Bark Bottle™ is the New Favorite Hydration Source for Pets


You carry around a personal water bottle because you know that staying hydrated is the foundation of a healthy life. The same is true for your pets and now Lock Laces® has made it easier than ever to ensure your pet stays hydrated and happy with the introduction of the new Lock Laces® Bark Bottle™.

The Bark Bottle™ is everything you would want for your personal hydration source but, built for dogs! It is BPA free, reusable, easy to fill, not messy and has a carbon filter. If your dog lives an on-the-go, active, lifestyle; like you, then your dog will love this clever product and it will make your life easier.

There are four main parts to the Bark Bottle™. The bottle, the filter, the filter holder and the bowl. The bottle is a clear cylinder that holds 12 ounces of water. Unlike other portable water sources for dogs, the bowl is attached to the water chamber. This decreases the number of items you have to carry while traveling.

A small button on the top of bowl acts as a valve. To fill the bowl with water, you simply turn the lock to open the valve and the water flows into the bowl. If there is any water leftover you can tilt the bottle up while holding down the button and the water will drain back into the bottle. Thus, no water is wasted or will end up splashing onto you, your car or elsewhere.

The carbon filter is held tightly in between the bottle and the bowl by the filter holder in the middle of the bottle. All water that passes from the bottle to the bowl is purified for your dog. This gives you peace of mind that your dog is drinking safe water at all times. You can fill the Bark Bottle™ up at any location with tap water so, now you don’t have to haul around extra filtered water for your dog.

The shape and size of the Bark Bottle™ are similar to a human’s water bottle; therefore, it fits perfectly into the pockets of most backpacks, cup holders and bike water bottle holders. On you can choose from three popular colors: light green, sky blue or grey. Overall, the Bark Bottle™ makes it easy to treat our pets how we want to be treated by providing a product that gives dogs access to clean drinking water anywhere!


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