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Running Tips for Beginners

Running Tips for Beginners

If you’re a new runner or hate exercising but need to get fit before spring comes, then you probably know the struggle of getting your body adjusted to running often. Usually, runners make running look easy by just grabbing a pair of sneakers and putting one foot out the door, however, it’s a lot harder than it looks. We’ve included a few tips to help transition your running experience.

Short Intervals:

As a new runner, the worst thing you can do is running the entire distance in one shot. This is not only tiring but bad for your body. Breaking them down into short internals allows your body to adjust and get used to running.

Start Slow:

Running too fast can cause pain, or other injuries when you’re just starting. Your body has to adjust to the new strains from running so make sure to always start them off slow and steady.


After the first few days or even weeks, your body might be a little sore from running. You should always wait a day before attempting the next workout, this will allow your body to rest from your first running session while avoiding overuse injuries.

Wear the Proper Gear:

Finding the shoe that fits perfectly for you is a must. Don’t pick the sneaker just because you like the brand or style but investing in a good pair specifically for running will help you in the long run(literally). While shoes are a necessity to running, getting a pair of no tie shoelaces can be a game changer. Stopping mid-run because of your shoelaces getting untied can be a hassle.Lock Laces is the original no tie shoelace and is one-size-fits-all for kids and adults. Each pair of black no tie shoelaces contains 2 48” elastic laces, 2 lock devices and 2 cord clips and is suitable for lacing up one pair of shoes.


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