Lock Laces®: Safe No Tie Shoelaces for Kids

Lock Laces®: Safe No Tie Shoelaces for Kids

March 15, 2019 / by Lien Pham

Do you know a child that struggles with tying their shoes? Some kids have difficulties because of motor skills, coordination challenges, or they can’t remember the steps. Lock Laces® are the original no-tie elastic shoelace that never comes untied. All you have to do is replace their laces with Lock Laces® and that’s it! Lock Laces® offers a lot of great benefits for kids such as:

No More Tripping Over Laces:

When children’s shoe comes untied, either they don’t know how to re-tie them or they just won’t do it. If their laces are untied, they have a higher chance of tripping over them or dragging around dirt and bacteria. With Lock Laces® you’ll never have to worry about if their shoelaces are untied and with the possibility of tripping. Our cut-to-fit laces are one size fits all!  

Fashion & Function:

Kids are always following the latest trends and what they see is the new “in”. If it’s not stylish, they’re not wearing it. Lock Laces® advanced technology isn’t the only reason that it’s a perfect fit for kids, it’s also fashionable as well! Lock Laces® are sleek, stylish and comes in multiple colors to match any color shoe. Lock Laces® can fit in any type of lace-up shoes from converses to tennis shoes, and more!

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Sandy Sullivan
Sandy Sullivan

February 01, 2021

Great for kids shoes. Tired of double knotting and coming undone. One comment. Kids should be shorter and cheaper.
Kids have a lot of shoes and its too expensive, you cut a lot off a size 1 shoe.

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