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How to Tie a Heel Lock

How to Tie a Heel Lock

Ever wonder about the purpose of the extra set of eyelets at the top of your shoes? In the past, maybe you’ve used them to lace your shoes higher or ignored the holes entirely. But actually, the holes are designed to help with many lacing techniques, including the extremely helpful Heel Lock. Although the Heel Lock isn’t a new concept, it’s receiving a lot of buzz lately among new runners who aren’t acquainted to the many different lacing techniques out there. Among runners, the Heel Lock is also commonly called the Runner’s Loop, Runner’s Tie or — better yet — Lock Lacing!

The technique is all the same regardless of what you’ve heard it called. It creates a super-tight finish and prevents heel slippage while using your running shoes. Even if your shoes fit perfectly, you may notice your heel sliding when running down uneven surfaces such as hills, causing your toes to slam into the front of your shoe. It’s uncomfortable, it can get in the way of a perfect run and, luckily, it’s totally preventable with the Heel Lock! Runners, rejoice!

STEP 1: Begin by lacing your shoe using the common Criss Cross method or any other method you prefer. Stop before lacing through the last eyelet closest to the top of the shoe.

STEP 2: Take the left lace of each shoe and thread it through the top-left eyelet so that the lace comes out on the inside of the shoe. This will create one of the two loops essential to the Lock Lacing technique. Repeat the process on the right side of each shoe, taking the right lace and threading it through the top-right eyelet. You should now have one loop on the right and one loop on the left.

STEP 3: Cross your laces and insert them into the loop on the opposite side of the shoe. For example, take your left lace and insert it through the right loop.

STEP 4: Pull your laces, tightening the shoe around your foot. This will create the firm lock that is the crux of the Heel Lock technique. Make sure your shoe isn’t uncomfortably tight, though!

STEP 5: Now that you have completed the Lock Lacing technique, tie you shoes like normal. Your laces will be harder to loosen, preventing your heels from slipping and giving your shoes more leverage.

But, of course, you could avoid complicated lacing techniques by lacing up with a pair of Lock Laces®! Lock Laces® offer the same locked-in support without having to learn complex lacing techniques.

Now, it’s time to hit the trails!

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