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Finding the Best Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Finding the Best Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Can you feel that change in the air? It’s more than just a strong wind and colder temperatures. Every year, when the green leaves change to brilliant shades of yellow, orange and burgundy, a certain excitement fills the air. The holiday season is finally in sight. We smell hints of cinnamon from the cider simmering on the stovetop; we hear our children’s laughter resonate in the halls as they play with distant cousins; and we start making our lists filled with the family’s “most wished for” gadgets. But once the tree has been decorated with lights and surrounded by presents, you still have one more tradition that can never be forgotten — stuffing the stockings. Thinking of small gift ideas can be hard, so we’ve compiled a list of five things to consider when looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for boys and girls:

Go beyond candy

Okay, a little candy is perfectly fine. But your kid doesn’t want a stocking only filled with candy. It’s time to get creative and stuff the stocking with something that is both practical and inedible.

Think outside of the box

We’re all familiar with the typical stocking stuffers. In the past, maybe you’ve bought sweet treats, yo-yos, marbles, action figures or lotions. This year, think outside of the box and find something unique. Your kid will appreciate it.

Don’t break the bank

Stocking stuffers are meant to be cheap, secondary gifts when compared to the larger gifts scattered under the tree. So stay inexpensive!

Think small

Don’t rip the stocking off the mantelshelf! Remember to stick with small products when searching for that perfect stocking stuffer.

“One size fits all” is best

For smaller presents like stocking stuffers, one-size-fits-all gifts are best. That way, you can avoid the tedious search for specific sizes.

Lock Laces® combines all of the characteristics of the perfect stocking stuffer into a cool everyday accessory — and it’s under $10. They’re lightweight and easy to install, taking only five minutes when using our installation instructions. And because they are elastic no-tie shoelaces, you’ll never have to waste time tying your child’s shoes again.

We hope you have a fun and happy holiday season, and enjoy stuffing those stockings full of treats and gifts!

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