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Believe In The Run Holiday Gift Guide: Lock Laces Write Up

Believe In The Run Holiday Gift Guide:  Lock Laces Write Up


Elastic laces with double eyelet lock | Totally secure | Yet turns your shoe into a slip-on

You may have seen Lock Laces before. You may have even thought (like me), ‘Is this just Velcro for adults?’ If so, you were a little right, but also very wrong.

We got a bunch of Lock Laces in a month or so ago, and to be honest, this was the first time I tried them. I gotta tell you – I’m not sure if I can ever go back to normal laces. The utility of having flexible lacing that can toggle tight or loose is a dream. I can slip my shoes off and put them back on easily, then tighten them to my exact liking. It’s like everything I’ve wanted in a shoelace but didn’t know I needed.

We’re super stoked to have these for our winter runs, because there is nothing worse than trying to tie shoes with frozen fingers. Same thing for race day – triathletes love these because it’s lightning-fast to change shoes between stages. For real, if you try a pair, you probably won’t go back to regular laces. They have styles/colors to match pretty much any shoe, and hey – they actually look pretty cool.


See their 2020 Holiday Gift Guide here:

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