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Lock Laces® are specifically designed for runners frustrated by interruptions caused by untied laces and triathletes looking to shave seconds off their transition times. As the word spread about this cool elastic no tie lacing system, we quickly found that our product could benefit people in more ways than we could have ever imagined.

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Dynamic Elastic Lacing System

With Lock Laces®, you can easily slip your shoes on and off - no more tying! The elastic laces accommodate for the natural swelling of the foot and offer an even amount of compression across the top of your foot, which reduces pressure points and increases blood flow.

If you’d like to tighten or loosen your laces, simply adjust the locking device for better tension. The elasticity allows the toes and tendons to respond to terrain, change of direction and incline while the double eyelet lock provides a secure grip that won’t slip while running.

Our laces are water resistant, so you can take any terrain that’s thrown at you. Just give them a pull and you’re on your way!

Designed by Triathletes

The triathlon transition can be hectic. Awareness and timing are essential. Tempers can flare as tensions run high, bikes crash and gear is tossed about. And the sooner you are in and out of the transition areas, the better!

Customer Testimonials

"I have Lock Laces® in every pair of running shoes that I own. I run ultra marathons and I cannot afford to have my shoes come untied. I never have to worry about that anymore. Definitely a must buy!"

Cody G.  -  Sterling Heights, MI

"I buy Lock Laces® for all of my running shoes, it's always my first purchase after I buy new shoes." As a triathlete, Lock Laces® saves me precious seconds in my transition time. They stay as tight or as loose and you want them to be.

Stuart R.  - Eaton Rapids, MI

"Better than "traditional" laces in every respect. I have a set in every laced pair of shoes that I own; hiking running, mountain biking, inline skates and boots too. Buy 'em. you'll never regret it."

Scott R.  -  Virginia Beach, VA