GiGi's 3-Pack for $21!

To recognize all the warriors with Down syndrome, we are introducing GiGi's 3-Pack for $21 deal, celebrating the special 3rd copy of the 21st chromosome that only they possess.

The GiGi's 3-Pack for $21 lets you choose 3 pairs of laces from our original 14 colors!

$21.00   $22.99

The Lock Laces & GiGi's Partnership

Lock Laces® is partnering with GiGi’s Playhouse to promote acceptance and kindness. GiGi’s Playhouse works to enhance the lives of individuals with Down syndrome and help their families and greater communities. This inspiring organization offers free programming and spreads a global message of acceptance for all. Lock Laces® embraces GiGi’s mission by fostering independence while building confidence and improving the quality of life of its customers.