Pro Series® - Robert Killian OCR Edition (3-Pack)

Want 3 pairs of the new Lock Laces® Pro Series® Robert Killian Edition?  Make it a 3-pack for $24.99 and save! 

Lock Laces® Pro Series® is the first no-tie shoelace optimized for obstacle course racers, trail runners, and mountaineers. Robert Killian, a two time obstacle course racing world champion, and Lock Laces® ambassador worked closely with Lock Laces® to design a product for athletes who never turn down a challenge.

The Pro Series® laces have a new look to match the gritty, tough and powerful personalities of dedicated athletes. The Black lace with a Red tracer and Red accents looks sleek, yet powerful!

Pro Series® laces are thinner than the original Lock Laces®, allowing for easier installation into popular trail running shoes. The lock has been upgraded and strengthened to ensure that the laces remain secure in all conditions.

The elastic inside each lace provides optimal comfort that endurance athletes need when their feet swell while conquering long distances. The laces are water resistant and will not collect mud.

One-size-fits-all for kids and adults. Each pair of no tie shoelaces contains 2 48” elastic laces, 2 lock devices and 2 cord clips and is suitable for lacing up one pair of shoes (3-packs suitable for lacing up 3-pairs of shoes).  

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